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Igniting divine bliss, ecstasy and magic…

As we consider a minute to mirror back again on the universal theme becoming a huge spring cleaning and clearing in how we see our ‘KARMA WITH Enjoy, Sexual intercourse AND THE MYTHIC TWIN FLAME’ have all unfolded, did we embrace its classes, gifts and issues or continue with the game of illusion and denial? Thinking back to our intentions produced at the Spring Equinox are they NOW sprouting and unfolding considered the developing period of the summer time? With the strong astrological GRAND CROSS activation this Summer time Solstice our entire Being is flooded with the divine cosmic really like energies and we realize no issue exactly where we are House is truly in the Coronary heart.

This continually constructing accelerated pace has been transforming our cells and molecule structures proper down to the main subatomic particle stages,leaving many dizzy as the energy spin quicker releasing all the outdated poisonous power no longer serving or benefiting us – a cosmic spring cleaning in fact is what was defining us collectively alongside with the Earth Mom herself – attuning to greater consciousness of just how interconnected, infinite and large our energetic consciousness is with influencing all living issues. We have actually expertise how each and every intention set, the steps that adhere to, with the words have afflicted everything from the person levels to international. How essential Goddess alchemy is, embracing all parts of ourselves and studying from everyone, liberating us via self acceptance as we making use of our information collectively as A single unified with the cosmic heart of all creation. As many hold the awaken energy frequency NOW we nevertheless approach regularly expanding and integrating to embodiment whilst tending to our divine interior gardens – making a much more plentiful life stuffed with the magic of divine power inside and out.

Consequently in get to permit higher emotional freedom to reign we concentrate on the Alchemy of the Coronary heart the most critical organ in our bodies, the main of our bodily human body structure and spiritual essence. Adore is the centre of our lives with the woke up vitality of the non secular coronary heart the deepest mysteries of life is felt and expressed.

When encountering existence with an open coronary heart you have the ability to encourage other people, meaningfully and magically touch other people, restoring harmony as we remodel. The passion of heaven are ignited as your granted entry considered the divine doorways ofthe cosmic multi-dimensional layers with expanded states of knowingness,infinite blessings while awakening the ancient secrets of the Language of Mild. Considering that almost everything in existence is innovative you recognize that your always co-creating with the Divine.

This past couple of months of purging our hearts was the prospect for liberation from the old scripts enabling for all the hurt or disappointment held inside to be analyze with what you did not really like about oneself – no longer to be caught up with the earlier illusions of sexual enjoy which never lasted. Birthing a deeper comprehension through our experiences of adore exists past sexuality, by means of self-acceptance and honouring the exclusive individuality of other folks even though embracing how typically they purpose as a mirror reflecting the unseen elements of our further self – to grow to be Complete- BEINGS. It is now risk-free for you to open your coronary heart.

Love is now primarily based on flexibility, not expectation or need it commences to carry you up on its wings elevating you increased in direction of the stillness, compassion and peace – the higher octaves of Enjoy. Ecstasy erupts in a sacred sexual alchemical infusion of bliss as the everlasting Twin Flame is born and materialized anchoring the Divine Holy Trinity.

“Sexual intercourse is the seed, really like is the flower, and compassion is the fragrance.”


The great quake of Japan in early March accelerated the velocity of the earth one tenth of a second becoming enough to completely activate the Coronary heart of every Becoming on the planet shifting us cellular elevating our consciousness and energetic framework along with the Earths for in accordance to Hermetic Regulations of So Over, so beneath, we all alter together – ensuing in several souls going through a variety of feelings associate with the coronary heart grief, coronary heart ache, palpitations, rage, resistance to adore, worthiness and fear whilst other folks have been encountering a increased perception of adore, unity, stillness and ONEness. Leaving a lot of to ponder and issue, looking for resolve, refuge or relief from the wild roller coaster journey.

In honour of this divine dispensation of cosmic vitality in fluxing our earth and souls at this Summer Solstice of 2011, we inquire you to consider yet another look introducing oneself to the dysfunctional archetype (or shadow aspect/not integrated aspect) of the Heart The ACTOR/ACTRESS and the functional archetype (embraced light-weight side/enjoying the wonderment of love) getting the LOVER.

We are all born with open hearts and as we experienced and increase with our life, sometimes obtaining entangled with the webs of illusion, Maya or glamour we individual off from the everlasting existence of enjoy – closing down our hearts, overprotecting our innocence, purity, and pleasure – feeling defensive and susceptible to the harsh reality of others’ projections of concern and negativity. Top us sadly into an ICE-olated frozen condition in which we lose our potential to have faith in. What we most lengthy for and wish is remaining unavailable – we are starving for adore – attempting every little thing to fill the void from overworking, serial dating, drugs, sex or overeating – constantly looking for anything or someone to plug into to quench the thirst – creating an power vampire. Oh sure we can faux to be sophisticated and act like it does not subject but deep in our hearts we know the real truth – it truly is the only factor that really issues and you will find no substituting to protect its reduction.

Rather of overcoming the grief buried we stay suited up in our fight equipment continuing to combat shielding ourselves in a warrior stances afraid of even more exposure – to what if we get harm once again? – only adding to the deep reservoir of soreness presently saved, enjoying at adore by not becoming conscious of the hurt it triggers veiled by the darker thoughts concealed under agendas of energy and dominance – in no way to experiencing true intimacy just enormous resistance to enjoy and currently being beloved by another. Heading by means of life ‘ACTING’ like almost everything is amazing, acting nice or taking part in sweet but truly escaping the interior fact with detaching need to anybody appear also close. The ACTOR/ACTRESS avoids bonding by performing out its conflicts in pressure and drama only distancing itself, never exposing its correct emotions – professing enjoy but constantly from a risk-free length? Really like gets to be a psychological workout rather than a accurate purpose of the heart and intimacy, when somebody dares to come close to its susceptible main – alarms seem, warning bells go off and an instant LOCK DOWN erupts into keeping back again, tension, getting to be argumentative with a selection of Operation Navy S.E.A.L. Techniques come into equation.

These tormenting game titles performed by the ACTOR/ACTRESS is frustrating and painful to witness viewing the press-pull energy – constructing a fortress of expertise close to itself shielding in the function some imaginary invasion or risk may materialize. Constantly concentrating intently in anticipation of currently being damage and alone – creating hurt to these who blunder its seductive charm for enjoy but drawing several who are ready to give love – but constantly on guard over its closed heart. The real shame getting is how it carries on harbouring deep resentment, anger and hostility- buried inside of – in no way being free remaining blocked only to diminish its existence pressure and elegance although blaming everybody else to proceed repeating the designs over and in excess of and more than once more.

Make no miscalculation the ACTOR/ACTRESS would like it, needing it desperately, but completely terrified of permitting their defenses down for even more exposure instead always hoping that somebody cares adequate to climb over the fortress partitions breaking them free from it is agonizing jail of the psychological abyss of existence – to recover its wounds, easing its ache, getting appeared after yet in no way to supply love in return.

It wants to do what it longs the most: dare to open up, chance enabling the potent energies of adore to purify and humble it. Taking entire ownership and accountability, dropping its defenses and shallow facsimiles of enjoy dissolving the partitions built all around it, enabling independence to reign in a a lot more satisfying existence, sparking creativity, sacred really like and sexual intercourse with genuine intimate connections a birthright of abundance.1 of the ideal approaches to help the ACTOR/ACTRESS commence expressing by itself – is to Sing.You do not need to be Pavarotti or Lady Gaga even a shower overall performance will do, but the sheer act of singing enables for the raw power driving the emotions to be given a voice.

When those old familiar sensation of anxiety or dread commence creeping in – PAUSE – remembering basically that we are all mirror images to 1 other reflecting the hidden thoughts currently held inside of. So you B R E A T H . Permit full cosmic energy profile to information you, is this the next shadow wound to be transmute or a lesson learnt – receiving the gift of Divine Grace and an knowing Coronary heart. For when you arrive in contact with a soul who has not embodied to the degree you have, you have the GRACE to realize them not choose them, even so that soul has no way of accepting or understanding you except if they open by themselves up and understand to combine it inside them selves – their Divine Sacred Temple. I really like you, remember to forgive me, I am sorry, thank you.

“We are all gentle bulbs, just at distinct voltages”

– Sai Baba, Cosmic Christ Avatar

Considering that all relationships are a reflection of us by taking ownership and obligation at all times, an Alchemical Synergistic Strength is ignited and SILENCE prevails, you dwell in Divine Reality – becoming much more radiant, filling up with a luminescence.You see the Elegance of the wounds and a DIVINE GRACE emanates about you with understanding the messages from inside – listening NOW to the Divine Intelligences of your Physique and Brain of Light – using all your ques from the now blissful divine director inside of.You grow to be a RAY of Light shining from within the increasing of the Inner Solar and beyond inspiring all whom you face with your Solar ANGELIC presence, anchoring HEAVEN by turning into a conduit of the Divine Present ~ actualizing Spirit Becoming Make a difference.

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