The Annihilator XXXL

The Annihilator XXXL is from Master Series and is the latest addition to the Peaches and Screams collection of black dildos.

It’s a huge black dildo with a curve for increased pleasure. The sheer size of the Annihilator XXXL means that it’s fantastic for those with lots of anal play experience. This dildo is perfectly designed to bring a new and fulfilling challenge. It’s made from phthalate free PVC, which means that it’s body safe and non toxic. It’s also waterproof and can be used in the bath or shower.

The Annihilator XXXL has a shaped head, and curved shaft which ends in a pair of balls. It fits nicely into your hand, so you can enjoy solo play easily, or you can let your partner use it with you to bring a new pleasure sensation.

The Annihilator XXXL is a massive eighteen inches in total length, and fifteen inches of insertable length. It’s four inches wide, and twelve and a half inches in circumference. It is quite firm, but the material means that it will move slightly with your body, so you can insert it inch by inch and feel exquisite shock waves of pleasure with each one.

The dimensions of the Annihilator XXXL mean that it really is best suited to people who have experience in anal play and are looking for a new challenge. You will need to make sure that you are completely relaxed, and use plenty of personal lubricant, such as the ones in our range which are suitable for use with toys. When you’ve finished with the Annihilator XXXL, make sure that you clean it well with hot soapy water, and a cleaning solution. Wrist Restraints and Ankle Cuffs have a range of toy safe cleaning solutions that you could use.

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