Software for Effective Supply Chain Management

Effective supply chain management is fundamental for a successful online business. Effective management of the supply chain keeps costs down and ensures the smooth process of operations within the company. Effective supply chain management is mainly accomplished via the free flow of communication all along the supply chain.

Online businesses have large competition and those companies who cannot deliver their goods in an efficient and timely manner will soon lose their competitive advantage and suffer loss of customers and revenue. Returns of goods delivered and transportation costs need to be addressed in a manner to meet the customer’s expectations, while safeguarding the overhead costs of the company.

There are a number of software applications that assist the company in the effective management of the supply chain and in ensuring speedy delivery of their goods to their customers. Such software applications involve automatic identification via the use of an inventory bar code system and these include warehouse management, stock control, transportation and just-in-time delivery. cek ongkir ekspedisi


Warehouse Management System

The aim of efficient warehousing management is to minimize the amount of warehousing utilized by making deliveries into and out of the warehouse in an efficient and timely manner. Making use of up-to-date warehousing software ensures that information about stock availability is available to the company.

Stock Management Software

Stock management software is used to manage stock levels and order goods from suppliers. Most stock control systems have mechanisms that enable the application to automatically order goods from the relevant suppliers once a critical number is reached. This ensures that the company always has an adequate amount of stock available while doing away with stocking large supplies optimizing warehouse space.

Transportation Management Software

The transportation function is concerned with setting up delivery arrangement between the supplier and the customer. Many online companies allow customers to track their deliveries via a password protected online system which provides information about the delivery status of their orders. Efficient transportation based on the customer’s expectations and the type of goods delivered ensures that customers are satisfied with the company’s services.

Just-In-Time Delivery (JIT Supply Chain System)

Just-in-time refers to a rising ordering process which has become extremely common among online businesses. The aim of just-in-time delivery is to minimize stock levels and order manufacturing goods according to current requirements. Jit systems present a number of benefits to companies, namely the following:

  • Keep stock levels down thereby reducing the amount of capital stored in the company’s warehouse.
  • Minimize the amount of warehousing needed.
  • As a result of the above, jit supply chain systems enable the company to work to shorter lead times and thereby lower the costs of manufactured goods resulting in cost savings to most companies.


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