Medical Tourism in Asia

There is a new lot of talk about going overseas for heath proper care. It is identified as medical travel.

A couple years back I was touring in Thailand. Thailand is well known for beautiful beaches, Buddhist wats or temples, lovely people in addition to now medical travel.

I am above 50, in pretty bad shape and i also smoke. As We was walking down the street, I had formed a sharp soreness shoot through my head behind my eyes.

Let me personally tell you, this scared the junk out of myself. I believed I might be using a stroke. I had in no way worried about this kind of thing just before. ที่พักน่าน hate obtaining old.

I experienced a physical at the Bangkok chain associated with hospital which may have facilities all over the country. These clinics cater to citizens and medical visitors. I had obtained the things i considered to be able to be excellent proper care in a greatly reduced price compared to the ALL OF US. I called plus made an appointment.

They still got my stats upon file from the last time I actually had visited. Our “regular” assigned physician at the clinic is really a cardiologist. Given that the pain has been in my human brain, they assigned myself to a specialist.

The neurologist carried out a whole physical which include reflex tests. The lady drew some blood and sent this out for screening. She concluded that We had not a new stroke and guessed that I possibly had a nasal infection.

Much as I actually like and respect Thai doctors, We did not really feel comfortable with the prognosis. I requested her if she was sure. With out being in any way upset, she said if I wanted an MRI to validate her opinion, I actually could be slated within an an hour15333. I decided to be able to go ahead along with it.

Just inside case you are certainly not familiar, an MRI is Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This is the big donut looking machine of which they slide folks into on TV SET.

I went to a very brand new and modern part of the hospital. I was brought to a altering room with easy to use lockers to undress. I changed into a hospital bathrobe and was slid into the donut. They put a cage around your head therefore you carry out not move a lot.

Some MRI’s demand an injection associated with a magnetic dye so your circulatory system can be mapped. In the case, they were just doing the human brain so it had been not necessary. Following about 45 minutes of loud clanking, I actually was done. I was directed back 2nd floor to wait for the neurologists to explain the results.

Several large 17X24″ x-rays were developed. The computer diagnosis has been written right on the film. This said I probably had sinusitus, a great inflammation of the particular sinuses. I had been prescribed an antibiotic.

They also offered me copies of our brain scans. In addition to a new tan, I obtained medical tourist gifts and a great story.

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