Those who take up riding seriously often prefer using AGV helmets. This helmet design has over 60 years of experience. This company was started by Amisano Gino Valenza in 1947. This company started from a grass root level by the manufacture of leather seats and saddles of motorcycles. This company has however grown rapidly and beaten all odds to become the best producer of motorcycle safe wears. They major in producing motorcycle helmets that are important for safety and protection.

AGV helmets ensure the safety of the motorcycle rider. Their main objective is to ensure the safety of the rider is guaranteed. This helmets have been made more popular by an Italian motorcycle champion, Valentino Rossi who has been wearing them ever since the start of his career in riding. AGV helmets are now what most champions go for if they want maximum safety. The discovery of these helmets by champions has brought about a lot of focus on the engineering and design works that initiated the line of Rossi AGV helmets. AGV helmets are the most looked for the motorcycle market.

Champions that use AGV helmets

over the years the discovery of AGV helmets by champions has continued to grow. Apart from Valentino Rossi, there are a number of riding champions who also prefer the use of AGV helmets to guarantee their safety while riding. Some of these riders are; Giacomo Agostini, Niki Luada, Barry Sheene, Wayne Ryney, Emerson Fittipaldi and Nelson Piquet. Evidence of the use of AGV helmets by these riders can be provided by the AGV GP-Tech helmet line. This Tech line was also launched with the help of Valentino Rossi. The shell of AGV helmets is strengthened by the use of Super Light Carbon Kevlar thus offering the motorist with optimal comfort while wearing it. Not only does the GP- Tech offer comfortability to the users but it also the shells come in different sizes to ensure everyone can access to the technology.

Specifications of AGV helmets

The GP-Tech is essential in the agv helmets as it offers integrated ventilation systems that make it easy for the rider wearing it breath without struggle. The ease of breathability of the helmets is enabled by the availability of vents on the shell. This helmet is made by utmost seriousness, it is aerodynamically tested to ensure optimal functionality and good quality of the helmet. AGP helmets offer a wide variety of colors such that riders are able to pick their preferences according to their tastes. There is a helmet for everyone regardless of your style and color choice.

Furthermore, AGP helmets have a special removable lining that is washable. This ensures that your helmet is always clean and extremely hygienic. The neck roll is able removable and have been treated to prevent the buildup of moisture and heat. The helmet is also kept cool by the vent system thus reducing stress to the rider.

Helmets make motorcycle riders feel more comfortable and safe when riding. It liberates them from having to worry about the dangers of busting your head when riding. Furthermore, AGV helmets it provides them with comfort and class. This unique type of helmets should be every rider’s first set of safety precaution.


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